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Ocean Mechanical

The Officers and Directors of Ocean Mechanical Inc. shall take all the reasonable precautions to ensure that Ocean Mechanical Inc. complies with all pertinent legislative requirements and standards in all workplaces.

Duties and Responsibilities

Senior Management

  • Review annually the Ocean Mechanical written health and safety policy
  • Review annually the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board cost statement
  • Conduct a yearly safety review, meeting with all Supervisors
  • Review all accident reports at least quarterly, and review any WSIB form 7’s, insurance claims
  • Implement, support and enforce the safety program at the project level
  • Communicate with the Ministry of Labour, items such as notices respecting projects and notices of accidents and injuries
  • Review site training plans for health and safety and ensure that adequate resources are available
  • Direct accident investigations on site. Review and forward reports to head office


Supervisory personnel include project supervisors, and general forepersons.

The Supervisors shall:

  • Know and enforce the company safety policy and rules
  • Ensure that all suppliers and subcontractors are in full compliance with applicable legislated safe work place standards
  • Ensure that all required documentation of legislation and the company safety policy are available in all Ocean Mechanical Inc. workplaces
  • Ensure that workers are aware of any site-specific hazard
  • Work closely with the Joint Health and Safety Committee and/or Safety Representative to maintain a safe work environment
  • Investigate and report all accidents
  • Ensure all documentation is completed and distributed
  • Ensure that site security and public way protecting is provided
  • Inspect all critical and serious injuries on site
  • Ensure that workers work in the manner with the protective devices, measures and procedures required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act and applicable Regulations
  • Provide orientation for new crew members
  • Inspect tools and equipment at least weekly and ensure that they are properly maintained
  • Conduct accident investigations